NCC November Meeting Recap: Workers Compensation Process

Posted: Nov 09, 2017

The National Capital Chapter had the opportunity to hear from D.C. Associate Director for Workers Compensation Lisa Baxter, local Nurse Case Manager Catherine Cox, RN, and Adventist Health Care Occupational Care Director Nichole Reilly, RN.

The panel discussed the importance of early engagement with the employee if there is an injury, and adherence to a precedent set by the company of how injuries are handled.

Both Nichole and Catherine described the importance of developing close relationships with care providers to ensure that both the level of employee care and employer sensitivities are understood and appropriately taken into consideration.

Lisa Baxter also promoted a new program in which D.C.: Employers will be able to submit their EHS programs for an independent audit and receive a 5% reimbursement on their workers compensation insurance costs for their efforts and care.